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Science Lectures by Dr. Ray

This web site describes science and technology lectures prepared for cruise ships and land based events. It will describe lectures that have been given and lectures being prepared for future events. Dr. Ray and his Lovely Assistant aim to inform while entertaining in the areas of science (particularly the Earth sciences) and technology (particularly computer science).

At least one talk (usually the first) on each cruise is specific to the ship's itinerary. These talks connect large scale geophysical processes with the scenery and undersea features along the ship track. For example, the role of plate tectonics in shaping islands in the Caribbean or the role of glaciers in creating the fjords of Scandinavia and Greenland.

Other lectures are of more general interest. These include talks on how earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes work, oceanography, climate, and the evolution of the Earth. Still other lectures are more light hearted such as talks on earthquake conspiracies, weird science, and bad science in disaster movies. Whatever the topic, all talks are science based and aim to go beyond what is available in the mass media.

Comments and questions are always encouraged, both after the lectures and almost any other time. Hopefully, this tradition will continue on this web site (bots willing). If you have a question or comment now, please contact Dr. Ray at drraytalks@gmail.com. I will attempt to answer all email in a reasonably timely fashion. If you would like your very own login, please request it at drraytalks@gmail.com. If there is interest in user logins, we will provide some way to post comments or equivalent.