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World Premier!

I will be doing a brand new talk at the Blue Owl in Nederland on Sunday, August 20th at 6 pm. I'll be telling the story of how the Rocky Mountains came to be. In the 1970s when I was young, the Rockies were clearly mysterious. Little more was known then. The shape of a series of fairly odd geological events leading to the raising of the Rockies has emerged from decades of painstaking work. It's quite a story!

Lecture Series

There is a new tab in the top navigation bar called "Lectures". This is the land based equivalent of "Cruises". I have back filled the land based lectures I have done since 2011. Since we are not cruising for the foreseeable future I have started planning more local talks (e.g., at the Merc, etc.).  I have also developed two new talks, one on "Science Machines" and one on "The Strange History of the Rocky Mountains".

Talk at the Merc

Dr. Ray and his Lovely Assistant will be presenting a talk on "Bad (Movie) Science" at the Merc Tuesday at 6 pm. Earth science is examined through the lens of science based disaster films. Fun will be had by Dr. Ray at the very least!